Queer and Loathing in Rowan County

by Abertooth Lincoln

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Hell yeah! They're gonna put me in a jail cell.
Hell yeah! They're gonna put me on a t-shirt.
And the world won't forget what I've done.

You've mistaken bigotry for bravery.
You're not a fucking martyr,
And you don't know what the fuck you're standing for.

If you're a vessel of God, than that boy head broke.

Don't call yourself saved.
Don't call yourself brave.
Don't call me depraved.

Hell yeah! They're gonna turn me into a meme.
I'll be a social media queen.

Heard stories like this since the Fables of Faubus
And since the 1950's, all that it's taught us
There's nothing louder than hate on a high-horse.

Raise your hands to the sky.
Everyone watch as you cry.
You cry for yourself.
Tell me what was it supposed to help?
To further keep us from equal,
Your refusal was just a shitty stopper
We kicked out from under the door you kept open for Christ.
If it didn't slam in your face, than this queer didn't do their job right.
I know I did mine.

It's not your choice,
It's my right.
It's not your choice,
It's mine.


released September 2, 2016
Produced by Abertooth Lincoln and Eric Westmaas
Drum engineering by Joey Pasternak and Eric Westmaas
Mastering by Dylan Seals

Special thanks to Kim Davis and Rowan County, KY. Keep fighting the good fight for religious freedom!



all rights reserved


Abertooth Lincoln

Abertooth Lincoln was birthed from Chernabog's very womb and unleashed upon Daytons streets like children with clubbed limbs and lazer tongs, ravaging through meat fields with wreckless depravity. Apocalypse alone will squelch their distasteful conquests. ... more

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